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Create a booth that DOESN’T attract attention??!!

It’s just about the last phrase that you expect to say as a salesman - “I want to sell you something that will go un-noticed, and basically fade into the background.” This was the pitch that we gave to a client and believe it or not, they went for it! Why? Because they aren’t selling cell phones, or financial services, where you’re dependent on the shiny bells and whistles to get their customers attention. They are selling interactive iPad software where the exchange between the customer and their software is the selling point. All they need the trade show booth to do is create an environment where someone can pick up an iPad, and get lost in what they see on the screen.

From this concept was born the “Johnny Cash” booth. Not named because it bellows blues riffs from inside prison walls, but for its humble demeanor, and of course, because it is clad in black from head to toe. OK, so you’re probably thinking that what I’m describing sounds beyond simple, but there were a few elements that called for creative solutions. Primarily, our client’s wanted to have a 55” LED TV disguised as a giant iPad “floating” in front of their graphic back wall. They also wanted this TV “floating” at a slight angle to the side, cocked, and twisted a bit, as if someone is holding this in front of their face to show you what’s on the screen. A custom TV stand, and some laser-cut plastic pieces seemed to achieve this quote well. We also added two swivel chairs to the floor of their booth so passersby could take a load off and truly explore this revolutionary iPad software. And like the legend himself, our “Johnny Cash” trade show booth was well received, and is filling requests to perform nationwide.