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Dimension Sheets

The files below include the various dimensions of products and displays.

6' Full Fabric Table Top101.54 KB
6' Graphic and Fabric Table Top118.35 KB
6' Full Graphic Table Top119.05 KB
8' Full Fabric Table Top102.02 KB
8' Graphic and Fabric Table Top121.45 KB
8' Full Graphic Table Top120.73 KB
8' Full Fabric 126.09 KB
8' Graphic and Fabric 149.83 KB
8' Full Graphic150.37 KB
10' Full Fabric 128.39 KB
10' Graphic and Fabric 153.56 KB
10' Full Graphic 154.71 KB
10' Full Graphic Straight Pop-Up 154.42 KB
20' Gullwing Full Graphic 171.32 KB
20' straight with returns full fabric pop-up 1.43 MB
PLTT1 Topper 343.77 KB
PLTT4 Topper 330.81 KB
PLTT6 Topper 347.73 KB
Allure Bow64.88 KB
Allure Fountain 58.83 KB
Allure Slope Left65.17 KB
Allure Slope Right60.37 KB
33.5" Supreme Banner stand112.64 KB
Pronto Banner Stand 216.61 KB
Expand Media Screen3 Banner Stand171.69 KB
Lite Banner Stand2.58 MB
Solar 33 Banner Stand73.62 KB
Bamboo Banner Stand242.56 KB
6' Dye Sub table throw98.76 KB
6' Perma Logo table throw (image area 45"x13") 233.28 KB
6' Perma Logo table throw (image area 45"x25") 233.41 KB
8' Dye Sub table throw98.41 KB
8' Perma Logo table throw (image area 45"x13") 230.29 KB
8' Perma Logo table throw (image area 45"x25") 232.71 KB
30" x 60" Table Runner232.17 KB
24" x 66" Table Runner245.1 KB
Directors Chair Seat336.02 KB
Directors Chair Front241.76 KB
Directors Chair Back238.15 KB
4' Fast Trak 136.31 KB
6' Fast Trak191.89 KB
Snap A-Frame Sign132.3 KB
4' Dynamo Trifecta Table Top264.21 KB
6' Dynamo Trifecta Table Top271.07 KB
6' Table Top Breeze pop-up display577.8 KB
5' Table Top Easy Fabric Display133.54 KB
8' Curved Easy Fabric Display135.67 KB
8' Straight Easy Fabric Display135.39 KB
10' Curved Easy Fabric Display133.7 KB
10' Straight Easy Fabric Display132.73 KB
Alumalite 10' Classic Wave, Arch, and Straight983.02 KB
Alumalite 20' Classic Wave, Arch, and Straight73.51 KB
Alumalite counter dimensions193.56 KB
Alumalite 20' Lineare1.72 MB
Alumalite 10' Sophie Arch256.29 KB
Alumalite 10' Sophie Wave161.48 KB
Alumalite 10' Lineare456.2 KB
EZ-N-Line Single Wall Graphics Template584.9 KB
EZ-N-Line Multi Wall Graphics Template575.89 KB
36" Supreme Bannerstand970.09 KB
3 Pack Bannerstand backwall1021.13 KB
33"x 80"Economy Bannerstand 1.67 MB
33"x 90"Economy Bannerstand 1.71 MB
24" Supreme Retractable Banner Stand1.58 MB
36" Dual Sided Supreme Retractable Banner Stand1.89 MB
10' Bannerstand Backwall3.49 MB
Tension and Pillowcase Fabric Graphics607.74 KB
Case to Podium Template346.95 KB
Fabric Counter1.5 MB
Tension fabric counter2.3 MB
TSE Campaign Counter828.68 KB
Campain setup instructions1.49 MB
2013 Pop Up Fabric Color Options237.97 KB
8' Curved Full Graphic Coyote Pop up765.63 KB
8' Curved Graphic Coyote Pop up w/ Fabric End Caps702.06 KB
8' Striaght Full Graphic Coyote Pop up771.7 KB
8' Straight Graphic Coyote Pop up w/ Fabric End Caps705.37 KB
10' Curved Full Graphic Coyote Pop up763.1 KB
10' Curved Graphic Coyote Pop up w/ Fabric End Caps698.2 KB
10' Straight Full Graphic Coyote Pop up 766.49 KB
10' Straight Graphic Coyote Pop up w/ Fabric End Caps700.49 KB
Color Options for Perma Logo Table Throws173.88 KB
Breeze Template716.63 KB
Breeze 2 Template708.17 KB
Triga Print Instructuions1.37 MB
Triga Assembly Instructions3.1 MB
DisplaysUnder6KUnbranded (2).pdf1.06 MB
Event Tent Logo Location Template313.55 KB
Dye Sub Event Tent Template337.97 KB
10' Curved Hop Up839.86 KB
10' Straight Hop Up838.88 KB
8' Curved Hop Up842.07 KB
8' Straight Hop Up843.05 KB
10x8 Concave Tension Fabric Backwall254.89 KB
Trade Show Emporium's Helpful Starting Guide to Exhibiting404.29 KB
Imagine Banner Stand Template925.53 KB
4 Season Event Cooler Template327.23 KB
Advance Dual Banner Stand922.81 KB
4'x4.5' Coyote Mini Table Top Display759.47 KB
6'x4' Coyote Mini Table Top Display765.34 KB
5' EasyFabric Tabletop Display543.69 KB
5' Straight Hop Up Table Top Display842.74 KB
5' Curved Hop Up Table Top Display839.85 KB
7.5' Straight Hop Up Table Top Display839.88 KB
7.5' Curved Hop Up Table Top Display838.28 KB
Sunny Side Table Top Display16.62 KB
Sunny Side Set Up Instructions457.97 KB
Park Hill Table Top Set Up Instructions124.16 KB
Capitol Hill Table Top Graphic Dims22.13 KB
Capitol Hill Table Top Set Up Instructions130.79 KB
Bonnie Brae Set Up Instructions617.53 KB
Cole 3 Quad Graphic Dims4.4 MB
LoHi Dimension Sheet176.85 KB
LoHi Setup Sheet122.8 KB
Baker Dimension Sheet113.15 KB
Five Points Setup Sheet709.12 KB
Five Points Dimension Sheet18.24 KB
10' Curved Backlit Hopup856.46 KB
Formulate Table Top 2 Setup3.02 MB
Formulate Table Top 4 - Setup6.31 MB
10' Tru-Fit Vertically Curved Display Dimension Sheet566.23 KB
8' Tru-Fit Display Dimension Sheet569.32 KB
SnowMass Mountain Dimension Sheet24.83 KB
Formulate Vertical Curve Display779.48 KB
Humboldt Display Set Up925.28 KB
Humboldt Display Dimensions316.34 KB
20' serpentine full graphic pop-up2.68 MB
Double Sided Curved Viper 276.35 KB
Double Sided Straight Viper 277.61 KB
Double Sided Angled Viper 279.74 KB
10' TruFit Serpentine Display Dimension Sheet598.28 KB
10' TruFit Horizontally Curved Display Dimension Sheet560.7 KB
10' Standard Curved Pop Up2.59 MB
4600 All in one shipping case 190.8 KB
Economy Banner Stand934.91 KB
Economy Banner Stand 1200933.19 KB
Economy Banner Stand 1500943.73 KB
Supreme 24" Template941.78 KB
Supreme 36" Template937.78 KB
Supreme 47" Template942.74 KB
Supreme 59" Template940.34 KB
Supreme 36" Dual Side Template914.92 KB
Blok template912.48 KB
OCP template132.39 KB
Pacific 800 32''915.08 KB
Pacific 920 36''913.95 KB
Pacific 1000 39''915.96 KB
OCP Case Wrap132.39 KB
OCP2 Case Wrap613.62 KB
Sacagawea 10x10308.72 KB
TSE Meo 10x10171.43 KB
Mt. Makalu 10x10244.01 KB
Crestone Peak270.45 KB
Kilimanjaro163.15 KB
Chimborazo93.09 KB
Culebra Peak305.7 KB
Popple Peak20.93 KB
Elevate Banner Stand937.66 KB
Black Forest Eco-102560.16 KB
10x10 Party Shade Template16.15 KB
8x8 Party Shade Template1.11 MB
10x10 XTF Template12.93 KB
10x10 Barn Top Template54.38 KB
10x10 Barrel Top Template66.52 KB
5x5 Party Shade Template70.65 KB
10x15 XTF Template675.81 KB
10x20 XTF Template675.81 KB
10x10 Majestic Template1.44 MB
10x15 Majestic Template1.44 MB
10x20 Majestic Template1.44 MB
Patio Template Octagon959.78 KB
Patio Template Square959.78 KB
Orient 800 Template | TSE 32'' supreme917.12 KB
8 Ft. Straight Hop-Up843.05 KB
Xpressions Connex Octagon A401.34 KB