You’re In Charge

Apr 10, 2017

I look back and I try to imagine how people got by without the use of these miniature computers that are so often glued to our hand or reside in our pocket. I think of how many more devices I needed to complete my day; my LG flip phone, my green iPod “mini”, my digital camera with a 1.5” screen. Times were so much more simple then. Or were they? With the rapid integrations of all of these devices into one smartphone, we are bound to run into at least one problem. What is this problem you ask? We now use our phones for everything under the sun and they run out of battery faster than a post-holiday me in a Orange Theory workout class.  

Lucky for you, you are in charge, and you should never have to run into this problem at your next trade show or exposition event. At Trade Show Emporium we know that the center of your digital world is very important to document, record, and present information that is crucial to the success of your business. That is why we offer a variety of charging stations to complete your display look and keep the world charged and connected!

We offer a wide selection of sizes, structure and styles to perfectly fit your display design and give you and your potential business a place to recharge. Not only will people be charging up at your station, they will now be spending more time infront of your booth creating an opportunity for conversation and questions that will help you with your future business relationships. When designing your next display with us, dont forget to consider a charging station to give yourself a boost!