Pointsmith: Back At It Again

Aug 29, 2016

In early July we had a client come to us with a specific request. Pointsmith came to us in search of a hanging sign that would catch the attention of their audience for Sleep Train. Pointsmith previously chose a 10’x3’ Halo Hanging Sign for their client, Sleep Train.

Pointsmith was so happy with the way it turned out and with the feedback they received, that they came back to us for three more hanging sign designs. The halo hanging signs we collaborated on have Dye Sub tension fabric and include the frame and hanging hardware. This is a huge success on both ends and we love to see returning customers with continuous satisfaction with the products we put out.

Our hanging signs are available in various shapes and sizes for use at a variety of trade show events and conventions. They can be open faced on the top and bottom, or choose to go with another graphic using that space as Pointsmith did. Check them out today by clicking here!