Feb 08, 2017

HitCheck has created a mobile app that helps to detect signs of a concussion on the go. Its designed to be used by parents, coaches and players of all ages to indicate the likelihood of a concussion though game-like tests that measure brain function and delivers real-time results. This allows players to get the necessary help they need, allows coaches to make informed decisions about their players, and can also monitor recovery for confirmed concussions.

They came to Trade Show Emporium looking for a great way to show off their awesome brand. We collaborated on a 3x3 Xclaim display with multiple interchangeable fabric boxes for dimension and style. They also decided on a 32 inch Banner Stand with high resolution graphics and upgraded to a fabric print instead of the standard vinyl material. To really finish off the look, HitCheck added their logo to a 6’ Ultrafit Curve Full Dye Sub, tailored to fit perfectly over a display table. There is zipper in the back that provides access underneath the table for storage. For more information on these products or any other products, visit our website or call to speak with one of out experts!