Affordable Custom Apps

Jul 22, 2016

Affordable Custom Apps develops low cost Mobile Applications for their small business clients. Their focus is to provide a high quality product for just a fraction of the price and allow small business owners to collaborate and design their own app.

Here at Trade Show Emporium we are happy to find low budget and high quality items to promote your business. In this case, Affordable Custom Apps chose to go with a replacement panel for the X Claim 3x3 Display. By choosing a display with interchangeable graphics, you get to keep the same hardware but are also able to switch out any fabric graphic panels as often as you decide.

Between us here at Trade Show Emporium and our friends at Affordable Custom Apps, I would say this project was a great success and saved everyone a buck or two in the process. Always be sure to consult with one of our TSE employees about your upcoming display needs and we will work alongside you to find the best fit for you and your wallet.