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Exhibiting Tips

1. Give yourself enough time for planning and preparation. Set deadlines and think ahead. Try to avoid rush fees or expedited shipping costs (especially for heavier items such as Custom Hybrid Displays.
2. Send pre-show emails to loyal customers urging them to stop by your booth.
3. Utilize your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts before shows. Announce your location and special features of your booth on your social media platforms.
4. Define goals for what you want to accomplish for each show. Is your goal to test a new product and gather feedback? Generate new leads? Network?
5. Make sure everyone working in your trade show booth understands the prescribed goals.
6. Have maximum booth coverage: all staff should have a specific role and know what that role is.
7. Plan a dress code for booth staff. Clothing with your company logo is always a good idea. Appearance is your audience’s first impression. This includes both graphic design and booth attendants’ appearance.
8. Be prepared for questions. Practice asking potential questions to employees who will be running your trade show booth.
9. Make copies of set up instructions for trade show products such as kiosks, pop-ups, LCD TV stands and anything else you will be bringing with you. Be familiar with set-up instructions for quick assembly and break-down.
10. Have a system for tracking hot leads and likely customers. iPads, Laptops and smart phones are always great tools. Make sure to follow up to turn leads into sales!

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