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The Small Booth Problem

January 11th, 2013

Can’t afford the large, grand impressive booth that never fails to gain attention? No fear, small booths work just as well, but you need to pay attention to a few more details in order to attract patrons at your trade show.

First, don’t make your space crowded. So, don’t put a huge counter in the booth or display too many products. That will only make the space look unorganized and messy. Pick one or two of your best products to display and maybe include a literature rack instead of a counter.

Second, be careful about graphics and lighting. Use simple, large graphics and make sure that your booth isn’t “the dark corner booth.” So, lighting is key. People tend to be like bugs: they’ll gather where the light is.

Third, always, always, always have approachable staff. The more people feel comfortable coming to your booth the more likely they will be invested in your product.

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Always Say Hello

January 2nd, 2013

While at a trade show, it is easy to get distracted by industry friends, what others are doing or even by your own co-workers. However, you should never let anything distract you from greeting patrons while working a trade show. ‘The greet’ is extremely important. It makes the person feel welcome and at ease. A genuine welcome can make all of the difference in opening the door for communication and more leads. A simple “Hello” can make the visitor feel like they can ask questions and really get to know not only your product but also you and the knowledge you posses. You will always have the person that doesn’t want any help or any of your knowledge, but for most part, people do. So never forget to say hello to anyone who walks into or past your booth.

Another big point that some people lose sight on is that trade shows are not only meant for you to network with potential clients, you should also keep in mind other industry experts are there too. This is kind of a “duh” point, but people often forget to look around and see what the competition is doing. Their innovations, ideas and products could spark an idea of your own or lead you in a direction that you and your colleagues hadn’t thought of before. Having an open mind and willingness to learn from your competition is pertinent to any successful business, especially at a trade show when your competition is right next to you.

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Shopping For Your First Exhibit

November 20th, 2012

With so many options and products available in the trade show world, it is hard to even know where to begin when shopping for your first trade show exhibit booth. Hybrids, pop-ups, table-tops, oh my! Two main things one should keep in mind while shopping for a booth: budget and goals. The first thing is to figure what your realistic budget is. Remember that trade shows just aren't about buying the booth. You have to factor in travel, lodging and food costs as well. So, be honest and realistic about what makes sense for you and your company budget wise. Once that is nailed down you can better narrow your search because you know what exhibits and accessories will be totally out of your price range and which you can afford. The next step is understanding what your business goals are. What type of experience do you want patrons visiting your exhibit to have? What best exemplifies you and your company? What kind of merchandise will you be exhibiting at the show? If clothing, a booth with hanging racks makes sense rather than one with just shelves. Do you want secure storage for your supplies and/ or merchandise? A booth with locking cabinets might be the answer. Also, how many trade shows do you plan on attending? Remember getting the booth to the trade show can be a headache, so need to think about how mobile you want it to be. Bottom line, do what makes sense for your company and your goals. Getting a really awesome, expensive looking booth with all of the wrong shelving, graphics, set up and overall feel is definitely not what you want.

So, keep your budget and your goals in mind always when searching for your perfect trade show exhibit. Let trade show exhibit consultants help you in finding what is right for you and your company. At Trade Show Emporium we always ensure that you will get the right type of booth for your needs and ambitions!

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Goals, Goals, Goals

October 22nd, 2012

Make sure you are goal oriented at your next trade show. It's easy to think that once you've designed your custom, eye catching booth, set up your digital interactive feature and printed a fresh stack of business cards that everything else at the trade show will just happen. Not true. Going into a trade show without any idea of what you want to get out of it can leave you feeling unfulfilled at the end and make you question why you even participated in the show. So, before you get there make sure you ask yourself: What do I want to walk away with from participating in this show? Contacts? Leads? A sale? Once you've answered that question, try to put a number with your goal. Quantifying goals makes them easy to evaluate after the show. If you don't make the number goal, it is easy to then ask why not? What can we do better next time?

Remember always keep in mind what you want for your business at a trade show. It is always good to have specific goals, but also keep the bigger picture in mind.

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Be Interactive

September 24th, 2012

Don't be afraid to have an interactive booth. Many people shy away from having interactive materials--such as drawings, little prizes, iPad stands, TV screens, etc. This is a big mistake many trade show goers make, but, luckily, it can be easily fixed. People liked to be engaged and feel apart of something. The more opportunities your booth gives people to be involved and interact with your product, idea or business, the more likely they are to become a customer, believer, or stock holder.

When attending trade shows, you always see that one booth where the attendees are standing around with their hands full of their business cards, a boring table pop-up and no clients to talk to. Don't be that booth! Warm, engaging attendants, interactive materials and a little incentive for people to check out what your booth has to offer are key. However, there is always a risk of looking too "busy" when including such materials so remember to make sure your booth looks clean and well-organized.

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