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About our Company

The mission of Trade Show Emporium is to provide honest, friendly consulting services to those in need of trade show exhibits, graphics, and accessories.

Trade Show Emporium is passionate about promoting environmental awareness. We are one of the top vendors for displays produced from environmentally friendly, renewable materials. Trade Show Emporium prevents display materials from entering landfills through our EnviroRentals exhibit rental program and by recycling your old displays.

Trade Show Emporium is located in downtown Denver, just minutes from the Colorado Convention Center. If you are ever in the area, stop by our showroom to view the latest trade show technology.

Allow Trade Show Emporium to create your next impressive presentation piece. Please email us at

About our Founder

Willis A. Wood Jr., founded Trade Show Emporium in 2007 on the premise of providing individualized consultation to buyers who are attending and participating in trade shows, conferences, conventions, and other exhibitions.

Wood began his career in the trade show industry with one of the leading trade show distributors in the country. He excelled in his job, and was then hired by one of the largest trade show exhibit manufacturers in the United States. After working in the industry for many years, Wood realized that many trade show display companies sold the exact same product to repeat customers without any consideration of the company’s individual needs and goals. He was disturbed by the “sell, sell, sell” mentality, and had a strong desire to see a more ethical approach to business through sound advice, better service, and fair pricing.

His experience in the industry acquainted him with the components and materials used in display manufacturing. This gave him the knowledge required to create the ideal trade show exhibit. Wood takes into account clients’ unique needs and analyzes their goals to find the perfect solution for their particular business.

To contact Willis Wood directly, please email him at