Greenpoint Seeds Grows With Trade Show Emporium

Aug 19, 2016

We recently worked with a company called Greenpoint Seeds, a one stop shop for your cannabis genetic needs. They offer seeds at an affordable price for any size garden and for any level of experience. They offer a wide variety of high potency and high yielding seeds that are gaining national recognition especially after their involvement in the 2016 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup.

design:retail Forum

Aug 11, 2016

With our heads and hearts dedicated to the trade show world, we always have new, exciting events and conventions on our radar. This is where we can see how the trade show industry is changing and growing. In turn, we can then provide our clients with the utmost level of expertise on the latest trade show trends and design so they can be successful in their endeavors as well.

Holiday Season: The 4th Quarter Economic Boost

Jul 12, 2016

Halloween passes, the colors of autumn fade into Thanksgiving, followed by snow glistening the ground and sky into the depths of Christmas celebrations as candles burn for Hanukkah, subsequently celebrating the blessing of a New Year. All across the world families prepare for massive gatherings, accompanied by elaborate meals that hold deep value in our hearts from carry-on tradition. We know this time of year as "holiday season".

Beyond the staples of time tested traditions during holiday season, the 4th quarter of the year is also known for the...

Shed A Little Light

Jun 30, 2016

The trade show display world is constantly changing and is becoming more innovative with its technology every day. What once was just a bright idea has now become a major key to success.The implementation of lighting in a display has become the norm, whereas before it was a flickering light waiting to be fully illuminated.

Backwall Bliss

Jun 28, 2016

So, we have a few new products throughout our website that we absolutely love... and one of them is our backwall display! Here are some reasons for the love...

Easy Set Up: Since the display is literally one wall, it takes little time and effort to assemble a backwall. Actually it will only take about two staff members and done! You have your display backdrop...

Developing RiNo

Jun 16, 2016

Its pretty unbelievable to see how much our neighborhood has been developing over the last few years. If you have lived in any area of Denver over the last five years, you have probably noticed the changes just as much as we have. There is so much being built up around us, especially in an incredibly industrial neighborhood of Denver such as this. This area seems so underutilized, and we are not the only ones with anticipation of what is to come!

“The Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Goes To…”

Jun 02, 2016

“The Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Goes To… LCD/TV Screens! For demanding the attention and adding to the dynamics of an already amazing cast!”

Express Yourself! Be You Out There

May 27, 2016

Hey you! Yes, YOU! Do you really want your trade show display to stand out this summer? Check out the ways in which our multi-fabric displays can help you ~express yourself~ in your upcoming event. 

Meet Annabel!

May 17, 2016

Get to know Trade Show Emporiums newest addition!

What a crazy year this has been. I am finally sitting here at a desk on my first day at Trade Show Emporium wondering how the hell did this happen? In the best way possible of course. A year ago I was trying to get my foot in the door in the wine business and had accepted a job doing door to door sales for a telecom company. Snooze.

Formulate Designer Series

May 16, 2016

Sphayra has been designing some cool trade show displays for their client IHS.

This was a great project to work on with Sphayra, their client IHS needed a 10x30 backwall and a couple counters that were easy to setup/break down that would look good and also not break the bank.

The Life of the Party: Keys to Hosting Company Events

Apr 23, 2016

Creating a fun company event people want to attend can be challenging when merging business and leisure. You want a semi-professional setting with an easy-going atmosphere, but it's much easier said than done. There's a few simple steps we've learned from experience along with research from respected entities such as Forbes and Entrepreneur that will help to create the proper ambience for your event.

One major thing your organization can do is plan a special event within an even larger event in which deals with networking or community participation.

Rent It!

Apr 12, 2016

Oh, hey guess what… we do rentals! We have quite a few options for those who wish to rent trade show booths from us. Here’s how it works: You decide what you want to rent, you design your graphics, we print them (those are yours to keep) and then we send hardware to go with it (that’s what you rent). When the show is over, you ship the hardware back to us and keep your graphics for next time.

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