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Times are a changin'

Ten years ago, finding and buying a trade show display was a cumbersome and very expensive task. There were limited places to find product/design; prices were in the 5 digits for 10 x 10 displays, and shipping/setup/teardown of your display cost a fortune. Well times are a changin’ and the industry is filled with more competition, more styles and new and innovative display designs. Trade Show Emporium just launched TWO NEW innovative trade show display designs.

The first is the Topper. The Topper table top display makes a big impact in a very small space. These Ultra modern modular tabletop systems are built of aircraft grade aluminum extrusions. They feature a large footprint for stability and typically set-up and break down in minute. Everything packs neatly inside the foam fitted, Rotomolded, wheeled case for easy transport and handling.

The second new product that trade Show Emporium launched is the Alumalite Trade Show Display. Alumalite is the portable modular display system that raises your brand image while lowering your shipping and install and dismantle costs. An entire Alumalite system can be assembled quickly and easily and weighs less than 200 pounds. An incredible 81 inch wide by 84 inch high central graphics area blocks the view of whatever is behind you. Graphics are available in your choice of either dye sublimation printed tension fabric or roll on graphic mural. Choose from three available canopy shapes: Wave, Round or Straight, in three colors – Snow, Coal or Bavarian Silver. Wings are available in frosted plex, standard laminates, or custom laminates. The optional counter is available as an attached or free-standing unit, and features room for a computer workstation, removable shelves, and lockable storage. With Alumalite, you’ll find that everything is where it should be and feels the way it should feel. Perhaps what feels best is the price. Costing thousands less than competitive systems, Alumalite doesn’t cut corners – it just cuts cost.

There are numerous oversea manufactures flooding the American market with low quality trade show display. Be careful when buying a trade show display; make sure it is a USA-made product and that the frame comes with a lifetime warranty. This industry, like any other, has its questionable dealers with less than reputable business practices. Reports of poor customer service, forced selling techniques, and poorly managed companies are becoming more and more frequent. Make sure you choose a reputable and knowledgeable company like Trade Show Emporium to help you through the process of selecting the display that suits your needs best rather than just selling you something you don’t really need.