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November 16th, 2012
Multi-tier Twist Counter

Well, it has been quite the week here at Trade Show Emporium. We have closed deals, answered phone calls, had a dance party to “Party All the Time,” (which is sung by Eddie Murphy, by the way. I know we posted that to Facebook… but I am still blown away that it was him that sang it), planned our Cyber Monday sale, posted new products (...

November 02nd, 2012
Trade Show Emporium's New Literature Luggage

Has anyone ever struggled traveling with all of their literature? I know I have. My volumes of my encyclopedias and Dickens novels get in the way and are hard to transport. And I hate using cardboard boxes to tote such precious gems around. Here at Trade Show Emporium, we have come up with a classier way to carry and transport your very important papers. We call it Literature Luggage.

It’s a fabric package with Velcro so it’s easy to use and pack. Plus, it keeps all of your...

October 26th, 2012
Willis and Brian hanging out in TSE's booth at the EXDO Center. Business After Hours was a great success for TSE!

So the other day I had to give Willis a lift to his apartment because he was having his car worked on. First of all, my car is filthy on the outside because it sits outside all of the time and is next to impossible to keep the outside clean. Second of all Willis is anal about his cars, which is a good thing. But needless to say he was disgusted at the outside of my car and patted the dash saying, “Kristen, I want to give your car some love!” So what do I find sitting on my desk the next day of work? A gift certificate to a car wash for “my birthday.” In other words, Willis just wanted to...

October 19th, 2012
Denver Beer Co.'s banner at the Great American Beer Festival

The question on our minds this morning at Trade Show Emporium is: what makes a strudel a strudel? We were puzzled by this question after visiting Fuel Café for some chai tea and dry cucumber soda. Drawn in by the cinnamon crumbles and deliciously comforting look of a displayed coffee cake loaf, Jamie, our barista, informed Willis and I that it was in fact a strudel. When we were given this information we obviously ordered a piece and then the question at hand was brought up: what...

October 05th, 2012
Willis' puppy of choice: A Sheepadoodle

Alright, it’s time to get serious about something in the social media world. Pinterest. How many “pinners” do we have out there? Way too many to count. So, it is only natural that Trade Show Emporium follows suit and grabs a spot on Pinterest. And, ok, really… I get to look at cool things and share with others cool things and see all of their cool things. It’s just cool. And I get to do that as part of my job. I know what you’re thinking... that’s so cool.

Pinterest is a great way for TSE to see what other trade...

September 21st, 2012
wrapped Formula Vee

Today I learned the meaning of drayage. Drayage is a term used in the shipping industry to refer to the transport of goods over a short distance, which is a part of the total shipping journey. Willis was so generous as to teach me what this term meant, however, I secretly I think he just likes to say the word "drayage." Go ahead, say it out loud... it does have a nice way of rolling off the tongue.

Besides the vocabulary lesson, I learned about one of Trade Show Emporium's services: vehicle wraps. Since Willis is gearing...