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July 01st, 2009

Trade Show Emporium is premiering a line of 32” – 63” LCD/Plasma stands, fabulous and reliable for mounting your LCD/Plasma screens. Perfect for showing video clips in front of your display or perhaps off to the side of your display case or show room. Also great for having a stand in the waiting room or conference room of your business, these stands even work well at home and look great!

For a more information check out the full line of stands at:

June 11th, 2009

Every company and every trade show are different, which is why deciding what trade show event your company should attend is never an easy choice.

Planning for a show requires a great deal of time, money and mental resources. Many variables go into to the evaluation of trade shows and how your company could possibly benefit from exhibiting at the show. Many times the decision comes down to whether or not the show will net you solid leads that could potentially grow your company. Other times the decision is based on what your competition does. But in all cases, your company should...

June 04th, 2009

Typically when ordering a trade show display you have the option of printing your graphics using an ink jet or dye sublimation process. Although both create a strong visual depiction of your design there are many differences that your company must consider before choosing your graphic option.

Not all, but many of the more popular trade show displays such as banner stands and Alumalite displays, have an to use ink jet or dye sublimation graphic printing.

The main difference between the two printing processes is how the images or graphics are laid out on the material that will...

May 06th, 2009

The trade show display rental program from Trade Show Emporium, Denver’s premiere portable trade show distributor, allows your company or business to avoid the long-term commitment of purchasing trade show booth hardware.

Available products that are available for rent include 8’ pop up display, 10...

April 23rd, 2009

DENVER --- The Alumalite Sophie, the newest hybrid Alumalite display system for Trade Show Emporium, features a unique combination of product placement, graphics and style.

The Sophie is the first...

April 22nd, 2009

As people worldwide are celebrating the Earth Day, Trade Show Emporium provides you with a brief list of how to make your existing and future trade show displays environmentally friendly.

Purchasing a green trade show display is the first and biggest step one takes to become environmentally friendly with their booth. Environmentally friendly trade show displays are made from socially...