“I See What You Mean”

Sep 13, 2016

The iconic, curious blue bear that peers inside the panoramic windows of the Colorado Convention Center has not only become a symbol for the CCC, but for the city of Denver itself. This outdoor sculpture made of fiberglass and steel, was erected in 2005 and has since stimulated the intrigue and whimsical nature of the Colorado Art District. The 40-foot- high bear named “I See What You Mean” was created by local artist Lawrence Argent and has become an icon and a can’t-miss photo opp for the Mile High City and its 16.4 million visitors annually.

As artists and designers in the city of Denver, we love to showcase a certain piece of culture, especially one of this magnitude that represents a multitude of layers within the Rocky Mountain Region. We are a city of commerce, imagination, community and originality; and this blue bear represents all of this and more for the Colorado Convention Center and the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado.