Be A “Photographer”

April 1st, 2013 — Kristen Witham

As an exhibitor, it is important to be engaged in social media conversations, whether on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Often times now at trade shows, there are official hashtags for Twitter and official Facebook pages for participants and guests to follow along. Well, as important it is to have an online presence and to update your fans with what you're doing... it is also important to pay attention to your content. You want it to be meaningful, for if it isn't, you might as well just skip it all together. Relevant content is a must, so make sure it is something your audience will want to see. And these days, people want to actually SEE what you're doing, so don't be afraid to snap pictures and Tweet or Facebook them. Our recent trip to EXHIBITOR2013 proved that people love SEEING what you're up to. Trade Show Emporium got more feedback and people were more engaged with what the team was doing at EXHIBITOR2013 when they could see pictures. So, become a "photographer" during your exhibit. Stay true to your brand and show your audience what is happening, instead of just telling them.