Let the Graphics do the Talking

February 28th, 2013 — Kristen Witham

We've all seen it... too much text in too small font in a too big of space. Don't let your trade show booth background be like that. You don't want to bore your patrons with a paragraph of text where your "eye-catching" image is supposed to be. People will lose interest immediately if they are overwhelmed with reading. So don't do that! Instead, let your trade show graphics do the talking. Really the only text that is "acceptable" to put on your graphic is your company's logo and at most, a slogan. Here are a few other little things to keep in mind when dealing with graphics.

1) Keep it simple. Don't overwhelm the eye with your graphic, either. Make sure your image, color scheme and placement all "jive" together.
2) Make sure it's relevant. Puppies are cute, but if you are selling bottled water puppies are probably not the image you want to include on your trade show banner.
3) Let the trade show display gurus help you with graphic specs and graphic design. Ahem, that's what we're here for!

The above tidbits are just a start for graphics. Your image on your trade show display is one of the most important thing--it's what gets people talking and interested. So make sure you give trade show goers something to talk about it!