You’re In Charge

Apr 10, 2017

I look back and I try to imagine how people got by without the use of these miniature computers that are so often glued to our hand or reside in our pocket. I think of how many more devices I needed to complete my day; my LG flip phone, my green iPod “mini”, my digital camera with a 1.5” screen. Times were so much more simple then. Or were they? With the rapid integrations of all of these devices into one smartphone, we are bound to run into at least one problem. What is this problem you ask? We now use our phones for everything under the sun and they run out of battery faster than a post-holiday me in a Orange Theory workout class

Riding The Ultralight Beam With LunaWear

Mar 27, 2017

Richie Luna, founder and creator of LunaWear, an illuminated athletic apparel company, reached out to Trade Show Emporium for help with his presentation at the Sports Innovation Conference in Denver, Colorado.  A unique connection was formed through Kanye West throughout the entire process of putting the conference exhibit together.  Using local Denver resources, we were able to put together a fast turn around time for an effective


By: Otis M. Garrison

The Clinic and PAX

Dec 21, 2016

The Tension Fabric Counter works both as a practical accessory and is also a great way to display your brand name and products! This lightweight tension fabric graphics attach easily to the expandable frame and are held in place by velcro for a sleek finish. There are different countertop color options for you to choose from to make it your own and extra room for storage in the back with a built in shelf.

Belmar Pharmacy: It’s Lit

Dec 20, 2016

Since moving to our new Lakewood location, we have gained a few great neighbors, one of them being Belmar Pharmacy. Located just west of us in the Bel Mar Shopping Center, Belmar Pharmacy has been specializing in pharmaceuticals and is nationally respected in the realm of compounding new formulas for medical advancements.

The Imagine Banner Stand

Dec 08, 2016

As one of our best selling products, the Imagine Banner Stand deserves a little shout out as our year comes to an end. One of the great things about the Imagine Banner Stand is that it has a multitude of uses aside from just trade show use. The variety of features allows it to fit into any setting whether it be an office, patient waiting room, or school hallway. The possibilities are really endless with the Imagine Banner Stand.

Trade Show Emporium Company Advantages

Oct 17, 2016

Trade Show Emporium, founded in 2007, has established itself as Denver's premier trade show company for nearly a decade now. With strong attention to detail, care for every individual customer, and relentless passion to see our clients succeed has been paramount to fostering longevity in the company, and creating a relationship with clients beyond business built on trust and reliability. Our entire staff is personable and easy-going which makes achieving client business goals simple and efficient. Trade Show Emporium's sales manager also offers a large vault of experience and knowledge from former clients and past show experience.

Greenpoint Seeds Grows With Trade Show Emporium

Aug 19, 2016

We recently worked with a company called Greenpoint Seeds, a one stop shop for your cannabis genetic needs. They offer seeds at an affordable price for any size garden and for any level of experience. They offer a wide variety of high potency and high yielding seeds that are gaining national recognition especially after their involvement in the 2016 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup.