design:retail Forum

Aug 11, 2016

With our heads and hearts dedicated to the trade show world, we always have new, exciting events and conventions on our radar. This is where we can see how the trade show industry is changing and growing. In turn, we can then provide our clients with the utmost level of expertise on the latest trade show trends and design so they can be successful in their endeavors as well.

One of the many annual conferences we follow is called the design:retail Forum. It brings together the top industry leaders in retail and design to discuss topics such as visual merchandising, in store design, and everything in between. This is the type of event that fosters relationships within the design community and brings together those in the industry for an overall great experience.

Some of the 2015 Forum Attendees include Adidas, Nordstom, Target, and Whole Foods Market. We are excited to see how the design:retail Forum Expo in Brooklyn will turn out in September 2016, and we hope to gain some insight into the world’s top retailers and their way of doing what we do best.