Great American Beer Festival - Beyond the Barrel

Aug 31, 2016

The Great American Beer Festival has had roots in Denver since its debut in 1982 and has been growing in popularity every year since. Annually, The GABF gathers the largest selection of brewers, breweries, and beer produced in the U.S. to celebrate the growing industry of craft beer in the nation and around the world.

The Great American Beer Festival takes place at the Colorado Convention Center, the epicenter for expositions and trade show events across the country. The CCC hosts upwards of 250 events annually, making Denver a hub for events such as the GABF. Being a trade show consultant business, we are striving to reach this influx of potential clients that walk into the doors of the Colorado Convention Center almost every weekend. The Great American Beer Festival is no exception. Colorado is known for being at the pinnacle of craft beer production, some of whom we have had the pleasure of working with. Being a local business ourselves, we hope to be able to support and make an impact on as many local Colorado businesses as we can.

That being said, we are excited for this year's annual Great American Beer Fest and can't wait to see how we can help make their business a success beyond the barrel.