The Clinic and PAX

Dec 21, 2016

The Tension Fabric Counter works both as a practical accessory and is also a great way to display your brand name and products! This lightweight tension fabric graphics attach easily to the expandable frame and are held in place by velcro for a sleek finish. There are different countertop color options for you to choose from to make it your own and extra room for storage in the back with a built in shelf.

This product is really great for events, demo days, and trade shows. It has recently been used by our client, The Clinic to display some of the new products they have collaborating on with PAX, a portable vaporizer for both flower and concentrates. This tension fabric counter has been a kiosk for the product in their new locations and has really giving them a lot of positive feedback. The message is clear and the products are nicely displayed and organized for the consumer.

For more information about the Tension Fabric Counter or any of our other products, visit the Trade Show Emporium website or give us a call to speak with one of the experts.