10 Tips to Make You Stand Out at Trade Show Events

Oct 05, 2016

1. Promote your social media accounts

One of the most important things you can do to promote your upcoming show is to use your social media platforms to reach your audience. By posting early and creating a sense of excitement you allow your audience and potential clients to get excited about visiting your booth as well. You can also use social media to give people incentives such as a special coupon code or giveaway if you like or share your post on social media.


2. Respond to leads quickly - set appointments on the spot

Get back to your potential clients as soon as possible. If they seem to take interest in your product or service, exchange business cards and get some dates down on paper to continue the conversation and make things happen.


3. Have plenty of handouts - both prizes and informational cards or brochures

It is imperative to come prepared to a trade show with business cards, catalogues, brochures and things that the viewers can hang on to and understand your business or product. It is also nice to give out small things with your logo on it such as keychains, koozies, chapstick and items of that nature. These are things they can use daily and be reminded of your brand and product.


4. Display professional, high quality signage

When your signage looks cheap and not well thought out, people notice. It is extremely important to invest in the highest quality graphics so your audience can think of you as a credible source.


5. Consider adding a phone charging station to your area

There is nothing worse than being out and about, especially at a trade show event for hours, and have your phone be running low on battery. It wouldn't be a bad idea to come prepared with a charging station that will draw those looking to charge up and stick around while their beloved phone comes back to life.


6. Display your products upright

The way you display your items is very important, both for branding and to have an aesthetically pleasing display. When items are laid flat in a case, people are not able to see the product or name you are trying to get out there.


7. Book a spot early

It is important to get a high traffic spot and avoid the “dead zones”. By signing up early, you avoid running the risk of being stuck with the less desirable locations. There are bad spots in a trade show room, they are not all created equal. Sign up early and get your spot!


8. Don't be too aggressive

There is a huge difference between being excited, confident and ready to explain the product to people and being overly aggressive with trying to pitch it. Don't become the latter. It is a huge turn off and doesn't ever work out in your favor.


9. Incorporate technology

This includes utilizing LCD screens to show a video feed or using tablets to fill out forms. This makes everything more efficient as well as better looking and up to date. You may add a few extra dollars to the budget but it will pay off in the long run.


10. Find a reliable, fast company you can trust for all of your trade show needs

Probably one of the most important facets to your trade show is to find a reliable trade show consultant that is knowledgeable on all of the newest options and honest when it comes to what you need. Trade Show Emporium prides itself on being one of those sources!