Social Networking Your Way Through Your Next Trade Show

Sep 08, 2016

Here are a few tips on how to use social media to make the most of your next trade show exposition. First let's divide this into three time frames: Pre-show, Showtime, and Post-show. All three of these elements are extremely important to build excitement, create a sense of urgency and to inform your prospective clients of what is to come.

Let's talk pre-show. The first and maybe most obvious platform to utilize to promote yourself would be facebook. Start by creating an event on the “Event Page” in order to interact with past, present, and future attendees. This also creates a platform in which you can communicate in real time with those connected to the event. Next up you definitely want to publicize your trade show on twitter and load it up with #hastags to get yourself out there. Connect and follow other clients, vendors, people who are your competition and anyone else that is relevant to you! Don't forget to update your blog and establish your voice early on with fresh, relevant content that creates buildup for the event.Your pre-show social media outreach is extremely important and you should start several weeks leading up to the event to create that sense of excitement and urgency I was talking about.

Showtime social media is crucial. This is where you make a lasting impression with the attendees. Use Twitter to be engaging in conversation, creating topics and answering questions. Also use this opportunity to create a competition or a game by saying, for example, the first 30 people to the booth get a free gift, or something along those lines. This goes back to creating a sense of urgency. Utilize YouTube and record parts of the event and post it to your YouTube channel to give viewers a chance to experience your event without actually going.

Post-show social media is also very important. This is where you can turn the event followers into clients. Use your Facebook Event page to recap some of the conversation and answer any remaining questions. Repurpose this page to evaluate the comments, questions and concerns readers may have expressed.

By making social media an extension of your company’s trade show exhibit, you can increase and maintain your clients and fans! For more tips and tricks visit the Trade Show Emporium website.