Mar 17, 2017

VFO, based out St. Petersburg, has been the world’s leading technology provider for the visually impaired and have a long history of providing new and innovative solutions for the blind. Their main goal is to give blind and low vision individuals the chance to reach their full potential. Working with companies such as VFO gives us a lot of pride and drive to make their display a real one of a kind piece. VFO was no exception.

This display was large and had many details to make it a show stopper. It included two 20x20 areas with a small walkway in between. Both areas featured a square hanging sign so it could be easily seen from across the convention. Illuminated vector boxes lit up the display and made their mission statement the main focus.

As for accessories, they chose to feature multiple tv monitors on kiosks with a dual sided header. One of the two displays also contained service counters for additional information and opportunities for interaction with representatives of the company. With sleek, cushioned chairs and literature racks, these displays not only made you want to invest your time in learning more about VFO, but really made it a comfortable space to be in a busy convention center.