Turfs Up!

Jun 29, 2016

The guiding mission of Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing is to achieve the “Highest Quality Soccer Marketing” available out there today. For over 25 years, Gilt Edge has been in the U.S. soccer business consulting and transforming companies, agencies and industry executives to reach their highest potential. They understand that there is major marketing potential for soccer in the U.S and that this opportunity can be accessed through displaying their company and mission in a way that reaches their clients. “We’ve worked with all the soccer properties, rights representation companies and talent agencies. We know the relative strengths, weaknesses and market values of every opportunity, helping us maximize your benefits and ROI” says Gilt Edge. Essentially, Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing speaks the soccer language and is here for the community in which it serves.

It is no surprise here that Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing chose to work with Trade Show Emporium to give their display that personal touch they were looking for.  As you may know, the turf explosion in the sporting industry is revolutionizing the way fields for outdoor sports are being maintained and kept. Luckily for us, a green turf flooring seemed to pick itself out for our Gilt Edge soccer clients.

Outdoor flooring options are great to give a solid surface to your display, making it easily accessible and more professional. Turf is just one example of the type of outdoor trade show and event flooring we offer at TSE and is the option Gilt chose to go with for their display. Our turf options come in a variety of different colors other than natural green, and is a great way to cover a large area without breaking your budget.

When planning for your next trade show event, consider the many flooring options available to you that will make your display come together.