It’s All About the Itinerary

March 18th, 2013 — Kristen Witham

Here is another little tid-bit on planning before your trade show… when you’re making your trade show plan before the show… make sure you include an itinerary!

For the Trade Show Emporium's upcoming trip to Exhibitor in Vegas, I have taken the time and written a complete itinerary so the whole team know what is going on when and who/ what we need to see when. It's a great organization and visual tool.

What a novel idea! But seriously, an itinerary will keep you organized and on track. Not to mention it’s kind of a “check list” of what you need to accomplish. Stick to your itinerary (and remember always leave a little wiggle room on your itinerary—just in case) and you will conquer all that you needed to at the trade show!