Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are generally considered the easiest and most convenient trade show banner display to use, which is why they have become the most popular style of banner stand, both for trade show and retail banner displays. They are also very popular for promotional displays in stores, shopping malls, theaters, airports, and conventions. Also called roll up banner stands or pull up banner stands, they get their name because they have a mechanism that retracts the banner into the base when it's not in use. Setup is a cinch, a single person can easily set up a retractable banner stand in under 1 minute. To view your graphic, you simply pull up the retractable banner like you would pull down a window shade, and attach the head rail to the top of a support pole. Taking down a retractable banner stand is just as simple. You simply lift the head rail off the support pole, carefully lower the banner back into the base, and put the pole and base back into the case. Add one banner stand to your existing trade show display, or try our TSE 3-Pack Supreme Banner Stands, allowing your graphics to span the width of 3 banner stands side by side, to create a flowing graphic backdrop.

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  1. Pacific Banner Stand

    Pacific Banner Stand

    -Comes standard with base, graphic top rail, three piece bungee pole, and quality carry bag

    -Swivel-out foot for extra stability

    -Available in anodized silver

    -Molded end plates

    32''-Graphic size 31.5"w x 83.75"h (+ bleed) 36''-Graphic size 35.5"w x 83.75"h (+ bleed) 39''-Graphic size 39.25"w x 83.75"h (+ bleed)

    -Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects

    The Pacific Banner Stand is a lightweight, affordable roller banner with slim base and bungee pole making it very compact. It comes complete with a swivel out foot for extra stability.

    The Pacific line of retractable banner stands is our mid-level reusable banner, with heavier duty hardware and an adjustable foot that helps with stabilization. Available in either vinyl or upgraded fabric, the Pacific boasts sizes ranging from 32" - 40" in width. All banners come in an adjustable height up to 83". In need of other accessories? Many of our clients purchase an LCD Monitor Stand to incorporate interactivity at their show or presentation. Let us know how we can help!

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