Table Throws/Runners

Trade show table throws, runners and covers are typically used in conjunction with table top trade show displays to make a table look professional, with a company’s logo printed on the front of the table throw or table runner or cover. Printed table throws are also perfect for

Table throws, table runners and table covers, offer a great way to give your trade show booth or exhibit a polished look. Table throws are designed to drape over display tables, and are great for a variety of locations and applications. Use table throws in school functions, churches, seminars, college fairs, job fairs, hotels, trade shows and other events. All of our table throws are machine washable and flame retardant. Don't worry about getting a worn or battered table at your next event. Cover it up with one of our durable table throws!

Table throws, also known as trade show table covers, offer an eye pleasing yet economical way to cover up unattractive tables. We sell table throws in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. We also have convertible table throws which offer a flexible solution to all of your display needs converting from a standard 8' table to a 6' table, while keeping your artwork centered in the middle. Table throws are a subtle, classy way to get noticed. Want to be bold, try having a full dye sub graphic printed on your throw, which will pretty much guarantee passersby throw a glance in your direction!

In addition to these table throws and runners, Trade Show Emporium offers a complete line of trade show supplies. These integrate tabletop displays, banner stands, portable counters, and booth exhibits. We also stock portable literature racks and many other trade show accessories.