Table Tops

Trade show display portability and ease of setting up is an important factor for an organization to consider when purchasing a trade show display. This table top display is the ideal way to meet those two specifications. And it's easy to transport any table top display wherever you're headed for your next trade show event or presentation. Additionally, these table top exhibits are simple to assemble and disassemble, many using an accordion-style folding frame covered with fabric or photo mural panels. One person is all you need for set up or tear down. Our mural strip graphics are seamless, held in place with error proof magnets. This allows you to interchange more than one set of graphics or fabric panels on any of our pop up displays. The EasyFabric pop up display goes up in seconds. With Velcro graphics attached to the frame it pulls tight when you pop up the frame. The Topper trade show display gives you a custom modern look while not breaking the bank. A very popular table top trade show display is our fast track displays. They fold out like a portfolio and set up in minutes.