Triga Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Triga display banner stands have vibrant seamless graphics that set up in minutes without hassle. The interchangeable hardware can be used for walls, banner stands, towers, and exhibit booths. By pulling the Triga after initial setup, banner stands are tensioned, erect, and display graphics perfectly. Order today from Trade Show Emporium.

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    48" Triga Tension Fabric Bannerstand


    Assembled dimensions: 4"W x 6"H
    Single Sided Graphics
    Avaible with double sided graphics 
    Sizes available:
    Assembled dimensions: 4'W x 8'H ; Double sided 
    Assembled dimensions: 4'W x 10'H ; Double sided 
    Assembled dimensions: 4'W x 12'H ; Double sided 
    Replacement Graphic: 4'x8' -; 4'x10' -; 4'x12'

    Assembled dimensions: 4'W x 6'H
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