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Trade Show Emporium offers a wide selection of carpet for exhibits, events, conventions, and more. With our 10' Advantage Carpet line, with thousands of color and style combinations plus custom dyeing, logos and inlays, we are sure we have the right carpet solution for you.

And we don't stop with just the carpet. Trade Show Emporium is your one-stop solution for everything you need to make your event and trade show exhibit flooring a complete success, including padding, accessories, and more. For your convenience in choosing a carpet color, we provide the closest PMS color number where applicable. Please note that the listed PMS color is to be considered an approximation only. Trade Show Emporium recommends using physical samples as a true judge of color.

We even offer our 10' Advantage Carpet- 30 OZ Rental w/ Installation and dismantle. Just arrive to your show and the carpet will be all set up and at the end of the show just leave and it can be shipped back to you or recycled.

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  1. Sisal Outdoor Carpet (10 Different Color Options)

    Sisal Outdoor Carpet (10 Different Color Options)

    Water resistant trade show carpet made for outdoor trade show events and conventions will save you some time and headache worrying about flooring options that can withstand weathering. Summer trade show events and spring time trade show events call for carpets that can withstand rain and other unpredictable elements of nature. The Sisal Outdoor Carpets add more colors and textures to your rain-resistant carpeting options.

    Eye Catching, comfortable carpet can make any trade show exhibit or event more inviting to visitors, drawing them in and encouraging them to stay . When it comes to carpet color, design, and texture, clients have a multitude of choices when working with Trade Show Emporium. Our team can help in finding the right carpet quickly and at our most competitive price.

    Our carpet is specifically designed for the trade show and event industry. We use heavier latex glue on the carpet backing so it stays intact when you install and dismantle the carpet multiple times. All of our 10 oz., 30 oz., and 50 oz., carpet is made from new, continuous filament Dupont heat-set nylon, so it doesn't fuzz or shed fibers.

    If you're planning a presentation at an outdoor trade show event, rain is a distinct possibility. Prepare your trade show display for any type of weather by using our comfortable indoor/outdoor carpeting option. These trade show carpets are made with polypropylene (also commonly referred to as Olefin) which is an extruded fiber that holds it's color when wet and doesn't retain water (water resistant carpeting). If the carpet gets wet, you can help to dry it out by using a leaf blower or tennis court squeegee. The Sisal Outdoor Carpet comes in 12 different color options to expand your selection of all terrain carpets.

    Event carpet from Trade Show Emporium comes in a variety of colors that are readily available to ship from stock for faster shipping.

    All of our trade show/convention carpeting is sold by the square foot. The event carpets come in rolls and are cut to order. Unlike most carpet retailers our trade show carpeting is already sized at 10 feet, instead of having to cut a standard 12 foot roll.

    Our quality control department monitors and inspects our trade show carpet and event flooring throughout the entire production process.

    We maintain contact with our freight partners to insure your trade show carpet deadlines are met for whatever special presentation or event your carpet/flooring is being used.

    Dedicated craftsmanship and flooring made specifically for trade show events and conventions allows our carpets to be durable and built to last for multiple presentations.

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