LCD & Plasma TV Shipping Cases

LCD and plasma Shipping cases safely Shipping, ship or store your LCD and plasma televisions and flat panel monitors. Our hard cases have been certified by the Air Shipping Association, making it safe for air travel. Trade Show Emporium's Shipping cases can fit the most popular sizes of monitors beginning at 20 inches up to 60-inch TVs. These cases are designed to securely hold your LCD and plasma screens and are perfect for trade show monitors or cases for moving. The interior is outfitted with carpet lining and/or polyurethane foam that is patterned to specific dimensions. The exterior of the cases is manufacture using reinforced plywood, PVC exterior and zinc-plated hardware.

Trade Show Emporium's LCD and plasma Shipping cases allow you to safely ship your flat screen television and monitors. Interior foam lining supports your LCD and plasma screens, eliminating movement of your TV in transit. Each case includes 9 mm plywood, covered by a PVC exterior shell, metal hardware, twists latches, rubber-gripped handles and wheels. Cases fit most sizes of flat screens, however, please check with a Trade Show Emporium representative before purchasing. These trade show designed Shipping cases are made with Shipping in mind.

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  1. TSE Goliath LCD/Plasma TV Shipping Case

    TSE Goliath LCD/Plasma TV Shipping Case

    G-TOUR case designed to easily adjust and fit most LCD, LED or plasma screens in the 60 to 65 inch class.

    ATA Wood Flight Case w/ Casters; Fits Up to 60" LCD & Plasma Screens
    Attached caster board with 4 wheels, 2 of which are locking
    Carpet-lined with polyurethane foam corners
    Polyethylene adjustable foam blocks to ensure proper fit for various sizes
    Extra wide caster board to prevent tipping
    Heavy-duty commercial grade plated hardware
    Red recessed twist latches

    Interior Dimensions
    Interior Length: 62.5"
    Interior Width: 6.30"
    Interior Height: 36.00"
    Exterior Dimensions
    Exterior Length: 70.00"
    Exterior Width: 12.00"
    Exterior Height: 42.50"
    Weight: 162.00 pounds

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