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Our Star Tents provide a unique shape to your outdoor event that is sure to make your space stand out. Starting at a diameter on 30 ft, our StarShade 200 has a height of over 16' and provides roughly 200 sq/ft of coverage. Next is the Star Shade 400 which has a diameter of 43', a tent that has an impressive height of just under 20'. We can provide tents in the star configuration for any event, even large receptions with more than 100 attendees. Let us know how we can help you by shooting us an email on our Contact Us page.

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  1. StarShade 200: 20' x 20'

    StarShade 200: 20' x 20'

    Stand out from the usual suspects at outdoor events with the StarShade 200. Standing at a height of 11'2" tall, and spanning 30-feet in diameter, this outdoor tent provides The four sides of this tent create a unique pyramid shape that will draw attention and help your brand stand out approximately 200 square feet of covered space.

    The four arches on the sides give added visual appeal, and at 6.75' high, offer ease in entering the covered area. Additionally this tent folds down into three carry bags which fit in the trunk of most standard vehicles. Two people are needed for this set up, but it can be done in about 20 minutes. Want to block off one of the sides? There are opitonal sides panels and ground plates as well.

    (2) 50.25" Aluminum Poles
    (1) 50.25" Telescoping Pole with Crank Assembly
    (1) 13.5" Aluminum Pole with Dome Cap
    (1) 500 Denier Polyester Oxford Top
    (3) Carry Bags
    (4) Steel Ground Spikes
    (1) Center Pole Plate
    Measuring Cables
    Stake Puller
    Assist Bar
    Graphic Template Available Upon Request

    Peak Height:16' 5"
    Top of arched openings: 7' 6"
    Footprint (Width x Depth) 20'x20' (30' diameter)
    Poles: 60 lbs. — 58"x12"x12" shipping box
    Top: 23 lbs. — 19"x15"x8" shipping box
    Other Hardware: 40 lbs. — 43"x8"x8" shipping box

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