Indoor Graphics

Indoor Graphics

Whether your company needs seamless graphics, backlit graphics for products and signage, custom signage for the main store display or vinyl lettering, Trade Show Emporium has worked with businesses to deliver high resolution graphics with a seamless look.

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  1. SEG Wall Mounted Graphics

    SEG Wall Mounted Graphics

    Silicone Edged Graphics (SEG) create a seamless look to a wall display. With the graphics fitting snugly into the edge of the aluminum frame it can seem like the graphic is a part of the wall. Retailers prefer this type of graphic because it can be easily changed out without having to remove the frame from the wall. All graphics can be backlit by adding a slim lighting system within the frame border.

    Lightweight Aluminum Extrusion Frame
    SEG Fabric Graphics for Display
    Hardware for Mounting Display
    Custom Sizes Available for Purchase
    Backlighting Available

    4' x 8' SEG Display
    3' x 6' SEG Display
    5' x 10' SEG Display

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  2. Triga Wall Mount Retail Display

    Triga Wall Mount Retail Display

    Have a curved wall that is dying for some artwork at your business? Triga can conform to any wall, at any height and has unbelievable graphics. A self-tensioning system that easily allows you to change graphics when you need. Pricing does not change for contouring to the shape of different walls.

    Wall Mount Hardware
    Single Sided Seamless Tension Graphics
    6'W x 4'H 
    10'W x 4'H 
    20'W x 5'H 
    50'W x 6'H 
    Any height, any width, any contour of any wall can be made. Inquire about price
    Download the print assembly for Triga.
    Download the hardware instructions for Triga.

    Not available for this product
    Not available for this product
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